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Djarum Indonesia Open Super Series 2008

Rabu, 11 Juni 2008 00:20:17
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By: Ira Ratnati

( - Djarum Indonesia Open Super Series 2008 will be held within a week, it would be start on Tuesday June 17 until June 22, 2008. The press release was held on June 9 start from 02.00 pm until 02.55 pm at Blitz café, Blitzmegaplex Grand Indonesia West Mall, Thamrin. Attended by Chairman of PBSI (Indonesian Badminton Association) Sutiyoso, Christian Hadinata, executive producer of Transcorp Wishnutama, and three participant of IO 2008, woman single player Maria Kristin, and man doubles player Fran Kurniawan and Rendra Wijaya.

They said that some of top player are not going to be able to participate at IO 2008 including number one single man player Lin Dan, number one single woman Xie Xin Fang and the top player from Korea and European Country. Health problem is the reason why Lin Dan and Xie Xin Fang would not be participating.

Indonesian number one woman single, Maria Kristin, said that she was targeted to reach the semi final by noticed to the result of the last Uber Cup, as we know that the Indonesian Uber Cup team made it to the final, while Fran Kurniawan and Rendra Wijaya will play without any target because they said it would be their first Super Series Tournament.

Djarum IO SS 2008 has become a last super series tournament before the Olympic, for the Chinese and Indonesian it is the ''warming up'' battle, which is why Indonesia and China will come with the full team, but not for the Korean. We can see that Korea top players even did not register for the event, which is why we can not find out why they are not going to play at IO, they choose to rest before the Olympic. But if we look at the seeded entry, we still can watch a high class battle between the top players of the world at Istora, Senayan Jakarta next week to compete on $ 250.000 total price tournament.

Ira Ratnati, The Journalist of

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